Trucking Violations

Trucking Violations

Attorney Danny Kallabat

Attorney Danny Kallabat

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Trucking Violation Specialist

I have been practicing law in Michigan for 23 years and I focus and specialize in Trucking tickets. My current clients consist of over 30 trucking companies and many owner operators throughout the United States and in Canada who operate and drive trucks in Michigan.

Many traffic violations carry points that will appear on your driving record and CSA (compliance, safety, accountability) record. Hire my office to protect your CDL and eliminate these points.

Do not allow tickets to appear on your record. This may make it difficult or impossible to seek or maintain employment and will cause your insurance premiums to increase. Even if you don’t live in Michigan or if you live in Canada, simply paying tickets that carry points will show up on your record.

I am highly experienced in defending trucking companies in the U.S. and Canada against trucking tickets across Michigan. If you are a truck driver or a trucking company facing any local, State or federal trucking violation, I will aggressively fight to minimize or eliminate your points, fines and penalties.

TEXT a picture of your ticket and I will call to discuss your case for free.

Not in Michigan? No problem.


Most trucking traffic violations are civil infractions. The most common include but are not limited to:

  • speeding
  • improper lane use
  • fail to stop within an assured clear distance
  • stop sign violation
  • disregard traffic control device
  • overweight
  • misload
  • defective equipment
  • use of handheld mobile device
  • texting while operating a commercial motor vehicle
  • Use of handheld mobile Telephone While Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • log book violation
  • drive without due care and caution
  • Seat belt
  • following too close
  • Truck over height, over width, Over Length.
  • careless driving
  • No fuel permit
  • No Medical card
  • Placard violation
  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) Violations


Most Court's allow me to appear without you on civil infractions as long as you give me permission to act on your behalf. I will always be available by cell phone to update you and involve you in the negotiations.


Certain trucking traffic violations are criminal misdemeanors. The most common include but are not limited to:


With certain trucking misdemeanor offenses, I may be able to appear in Court without you with Court permission and if I can negotiate the misdemeanor offense to a civil infraction. If you are located outside of Michigan and receive a trucking ticket misdemeanor offense please don't panic and call me for a free detailed consultation.


Trucking tickets can be written under state law and Federal Law. Learn more.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established by the Department of Transportation on January 1, 2000. Its primary mission is to prevent motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries. Activities of the Administration contribute to ensuring safety in motor carrier operations through strong enforcement of safety regulations.


Some violations don't carry points on your driving record but do carry CSA (compliance, safety, accountabilty) points. Please visit the website for additional information on contesting CSA points. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established the DataQ system in February 2004 and is used to fix incorrect or duplicated information in the Federal MCMIS database. This is the system that generates your safety measurement system scores for public viewings, as well as the database for a driver's "Pre-Employment Screening Program" and a motor carriers audit results.

THE MOST COMMON USE FOR THE DATAQ IS TO REQUEST REMOVAL OR CORRECTION OF VIOLATIONS INCURRED DURING ROADSIDE INSPECTIONS. For any trucking violations with CSA scores, if I reduce or amend these violations to a violation without a SCA score, proof of this reduction will eliminate the CSA scores.

Visit for a list of offenses and their corresponding CSA points.

If you receive a ticket and a separate roadside inspection report containing CSA violations, call me to discuss and I will offer you a free detailed consultation. CSA points increase insurance rates and make it more difficult to find employment.

CSA scoring not only affects truck drivers. It also affects their employer's company record. My staff will work with you or your safety compliance department to provide the necessary documentation to eliminate CSA points.


Truckers make sure to load your trucks property to avoid overweight violations during frost law season. Frost laws, otherwise known as seasonal weight restrictions on traffic weight limits and speeds on roads subject to thaw weakening, is one method that the state and local jurisdictions have at their disposal to protect local roads during the annual spring cycle of freezing and thawing.

Generally, these conditions most often occur during March, April and May. This is the time period in Michigan when frost is still in the ground. By law, when conditions merit, The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and county road commission can enact weight restrictions on any roads not designated as all-season routes. Section 257.722 of the Michigan Vehicle Code, Act 300 of 1949, provides details of the seasonable restrictions.

Protect your CDL, protect your job and keep insurance rates low. Call or text me to discuss your citation and I will offer you a free detailed consultation so you understand your rights.

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