Fighting Traffic Tickets

Fighting Traffic Tickets

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Michigan Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Getting a traffic ticket can be frustrating – and expensive. But there are steps you can take after you have received a traffic ticket, to try and keep your driving record clean, protect your license and prevent costly insurance hikes. Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers are here to help you understand the points & fines you may be facing – and to fight for you to help you get the best possible results.

Should I Plead Guilty or Responsible to a Traffic Ticket?

When you receive a traffic ticket make sure you understand whether the offense is a civil infraction or misdemeanor offense. Also determine whether the offense carries points on your Michigan driving record. Our attorneys are very experienced and can answer any questions you may have.

What Should I Do if I Receive a Civil Infraction Traffic Ticket?

If you receive a civil infraction that carries points, don’t just pay the ticket. The offense and points will appear on your driving record and this will cause you insurance premiums to increase. You have the right to request a hearing where you can either fight the ticket or ask the court to reduce or eliminate the points. Our attorneys can handle this process for you from beginning to end.

Simply hire our office and we will request the hearing on your behalf and appear in Court. In most cases it is not necessary to actually conduct the hearing. Even if you committed the offense, we can work with the City Attorney or Prosecutor and ask for a reduction of the points. We have a very high success rate. And most Court’s don’t even require you to appear as long as you give our attorneys authority to act on your behalf. You will have a reasonable period of time after Court to pay any court fines.

What Should I Do if I Receive a Misdemeanor Traffic Ticket?

If you receive a traffic misdemeanor ticket, you can’t simply pay the ticket. At a minimum, the Court will require your appearance for an arraignment. All Court’s will offer you a pre-trial conference if you plead not guilty at your arraignment. The arraignment is a proceeding where you plead guilty or not guilty. Most Court’s will allow our attorney’s to waive the arraignment by pleading not guilty on your behalf in writing and faxing it to the Court. Even if you feel you are guilty, we are successful in negotiating with City attorneys and prosecutors to reduce your traffic misdemeanor offense. In many cases we can reduce the misdemeanor to a civil infraction.

Whether you received a traffic civil infraction or misdemeanor offense, you should at least call our office for a free phone or office consultation. Making the wrong decision can be costly and could result in increased fines, driver responsibility fees and insurance premiums.

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Do Not Ignore Your Traffic Tickets!

The times frames for responding (“entering a plea”) vary from court to court. The amount of time you have to respond to your traffic ticket will usually be listed on the traffic ticket itself, so read it carefully. If you do not understand the time frame, call us and we can help you. Do not wait for the Court to contact you.

It is very important that you respond to the Court within the time frame stated on the ticket. If you do not respond & submit your plea on time, the court will file a “default judgment” against you – this means you lose “automatically” because you did not respond on time. And, if the Court issues default judgment against you, you will likely be charged additional fees, and if you fail to respond to your default judgment, you may even end up with a suspended license.

It may be tempting to ignore a traffic ticket, but doing so will always make matters worse. The excuse that you were “waiting to hear from the Court” will not be enough to set aside a “default” conviction against you.

Addressing a ticket “head on” with the advice or representation of an experienced lawyer is always the best way to get it reduced or possibly even dismissed.

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Call our Traffic Ticket Attorneys for a FREE Consultation: (248) 227-9101

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